Results Producing Solutions
For Business Owners And Leaders


“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

Wayne Gretzky

Our clients are typically looking for four common results…

  •   More revenues and profits
  •   More “A” clients, agents and business alliances
  •   More engaged and effective team
  •   More peace from having a sustainable growth model

And while most businesses have these common needs, the question is… how do you achieve these objectives in your industry and business?

Fortunately we have more than a decade of business coaching and consultative experience with business owners across many industries.  However, since 2008, we have been focused primarily in the financial industry as a boutique coaching consultancy with thousands of hours of experience coaching top owners of IMOs’, MGAs’, RIAs’, BDs’ and independent producers. 

We have honed a unique set of tools and processes to allow each organization to leverage their ‘built-in’ unique value proposition while integrating best practices from top firms across the nation.  To come into a business culture and do this effectively in a way that you enjoy, feel extremely empowered by, and know your people will also enjoy the ride, is our truly unique value.  When we do those things right, RESULTS happen. 

While our coaching service models and processes are similar, we have two specific coaching tracks for:

  •   Insurance and Annuity Channel Partners
  •   Investment and Financial Planning Channel Partners

How coachable are you?

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Four Types Of Businesses:

E – Employee W2 Income model
S – Self-employed ‘slave’ model
P – Passive income model
B – Big Business model

Which one are you now and want to be in your vision?

Can we help?

We’d love to hear about your business and situation.  It would be our pleasure to send a reply and schedule some time to talk should you desire.  We are here to help you succeed!


Here’s What We Do For You…

Through some initial conversations, we can provide a complimentary high level business trajectory assessment to emphasize your key growth objectives, critical gaps and if appropriate, a coaching solution which will likely fall into one of the following three categories:

  • BOOST Short Term Perspective (Duration: 3-6 months) – You need to attack some specific and urgent issues.  These types of coaching engagements target specific objectives such as: facilitating a strategic planning session, creating a working business plan, developing a client segmentation strategy, or conducting target training to address specific training and development skills (sales, time management, empowerment thinking, etc.) 
  • ELEVATE Mid Term Perspective (Duration: 6-12 months) – You understand some fundamental changes need to happen in order to re-launch or launch into that “next level.”  These engagements typically involve a broader scope where an overall business assessment leads us through a process from strategic planning, team buy-in, implementation and tracking to measure achievement of desired objectives. 
  • SOAR Long Term Perspective (Duration: 12+ months) – You have a longer range vision you realize will take time to work through positioning your people and business to achieve.  You realize change happens in phases, one building on prior.  Together we define that 3-5 year vision, establish a baseline track to get there and work through implementation to ultimately create a perpetual achievement cycle.  

Our integrative target coaching model empowers you to focus on specific business values WITHIN your overall plan.  Topics for target coaching may include:

Short – Mid – Long Range Solutions

BOOST Short-Term Solutions
ELEVATE Mid-Term Solutions
SOAR Long-Term Solutions

Enhance Profitability

Your best clients are the key to profitability. When we become students of our best potential clients, we become more effective at everything else, including finding more of them.

Starting with a clear ideal client, we create more efficient sales processes, operational efficiencies to create raving fans and a natural marketing engine producing new ideal prospective clients every week.

Create Performance Culture

Businesses are organisms made up of people with needs, wants and desires.  The key to creating a high performance culture is aligning individual needs to those of the organization and effective mobilization of their strengths.

We empower you to create alignment with a simple business plan for your business that translates into individual motivations with a simple process, easy to use on-line tools and a tailored approach to tracking key indicators and staying focused.

Increase Growth Capacity

The number one challenge businesses seem to unanimously face is scaling their business…duplication. Many owners are stuck with an identity that limits their success and/or not planning their way beyond those limits.

Building from the clarity of knowing who your best potential clients are, we consider how your processes, systems and people are working in harmony to get the most from what you have. Coaching on current time management strategies will empower every person to achieve more and feel in more control. We encourage redefining meetings, frequencies and objectives to make the most of this huge investment.

Remove Success Barriers

What created your past success for your business will not be enough to ensure your future success. We must continue to learn and develop as individuals in order for the business to prosper in a changing world.

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of hours coaching and consulting business owners, executives and other leaders, we’ve gleaned best practices from the best in the industry. In addition, we have certifications in coaching, firewalking instruction (personal empowerment experiences), consulting and advanced studies. Collectively we have distilled it all down to an organic process to break through personal, team and market barriers to success, sustainability, succession and significance! At the end of the day, we all have one life to live and we have a passion for helping you live it to the fullest with your business being a key contributor!