In the video testimonial interview below, Kara Armstrong, COO of CapSouth Wealth Management, reflects on Todd’s pivotal role in addressing her firm’s growth and operational challenges. Before working with Todd, they struggled with inefficiencies and frustration despite multiple unsuccessful attempts at structural changes. Todd stood out by focusing on people issues rather than generic solutions, quickly understanding individual strengths and a need to provide personalized coaching that boosted team morale and productivity.

Todd’s impact was transformative, helping them build a cohesive leadership team, improve communication, and empower individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities. She credits Todd with addressing personal challenges like impostor syndrome, particularly relevant for women in leadership. Todd’s industry expertise and personalized coaching enabled significant progress within a relatively short timeframe, highlighting the importance of trust, collaboration, and understanding organizational dynamics for sustainable growth and success. Ultimately, she recommends Todd to others facing similar challenges, underscoring the value of his approach in navigating complex organizational transitions and fostering individual and collective development.

Kara Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer, CapSouth Wealth Management


Clients Say It Best

ROI stands for Return On Investment which means results. Our clients span the financial industry and advocate our results as evidenced by the fact 100% of our clients have come from personal introductions from fans of our coaching. Take a look at some of the organizations we’ve worked with and client testimonials.

I gave coaching with Todd Mauney (ROI Coaching Solutions) a try at the end of 2009 and I would not be here today if I had not. I was very frustrated with the business and confused about the next steps. I knew there would be a lot of change coming down, and I had to get my practice to the next level or risk losing what I had built. Since then, my revenue grew by 46% in 2010 and 25% in 2011. My goal for this year is to grow another 25%. I am working out of a newly remodeled office and I have furthered my education by obtaining my CFP® certification. It really helped me to learn how my mind works and to have someone there to help me focus on the fundamentals. I am enjoying the business more and excited about the future!

Jamie Stone, President, Legacy Investments and Financial Planning, LLC

Todd is an exceptional business coach. He’s professional, detail oriented and focused. I frequently rely on his wisdom to make the best decisions for my firm. I always know he’ll help me see things clearly so the decisions become simple. I also recommend my financial clients to Todd whenever they need help with making decisions, re-organizing their business models or simply being more productive and effective executives/advisors. What I like best about Todd is how much he cares; he brings authenticity to every conversation and challenge and I always appreciate that whether I’m working with Todd directly or he’s helping a client.

Kirk Lowe, Results Driven Branding & Marketing Specialist to Financial Advisors & RIAs

Todd’s business expertise, sales acumen and mentoring have been a valuable, reliable asset to me for several years. I present him with complex challenges and situations and the solutions he proposes consistently save me time, money and frustration. Most important, he is a rare example of a man who truly lives his values. I have the highest admiration and respect for Todd and recommend his services without reservation.

Scott Stollwerk, Vice President of Sales, Americas at Excel4apps

Todd is an action oriented coach that gets results for his clients. I have referred Todd on numerous occasions and always have had very positive feedback from his clients. I’ve seen the results directly and they have had a tremendous impact on the growth of their organizations.

Nathan Bergeland, CEO, US Advisors Financial Group

Todd has worked with our firm for several years and has been instrumental in our rapid growth while keeping us grounded in what our core focus and impact is with our clients.

David Monckton, Manager Partner, Carolina Wealth Management

I have worked closely with Todd and he has also worked closely with many of our staff and he is one of the best coaches that I have ever met. Time with him has been priceless and he has guided us through the largest growth period our company has ever seen. I highly recommend him based on his integrity and results.

Scott Tietz, CEO of Partners Advantage

Coaching is something I have researched for a long time, after starting the program I only wish I would have done it sooner. I have been very focused on my business, but had blinders on which caused me to only focus straight ahead. Coaching has first held me accountable and then has allowed me to dig down into my business and produce a vision, mission and understand the core values that drive my business. I would highly recommend ROI Coaching Solutions to anyone who desires a fresh look at their business.

Rodney Gholson, President, Gholson Financial Services

Todd is a consummate professional and a wonderful business coach who embodies an analytical mind, a positive attitude and a great ability to “cut to the chase,” recognizing areas in one’s business which can benefit from improvement. He has the ability of being able to outline a series of steps to enable his clients to get to where they need to be without being overwhelmed in the process, taking one step at a time. His laser-like focus will keep his clients on track in order to obtain the results desired. At the same time, Todd is a genuinely nice guy who one instantly likes. I recommend Todd wholeheartedly as an outstanding business coach.

Mark Hollingsworth, Owner, Synergy Financial & Consulting Group and Business Owner Wealth Strategies, LLC

This was the first time I’d ever had a business coach. We met at a conference and I felt an immediate comfortable connection when we spoke. Although skeptical at first, I found the MindScan extremely accurate and am now very glad for hiring ROI Coaching Solutions. The benefit of our coaching sessions over several months was life altering. When I first started with the coaching sessions I had no credible way to connect my thinking and behavior in relation to events in my life that were keeping me from excelling in the moment. I now feel that I can make a choice to succeed and how far I get is directly related to my thinking and my willingness to accept the steps necessary to progress. Success has a new definition for me now…it is more about the why and the journey than the ultimate destination that holds the importance.

Carol Mason, Wealth Services Alliance

Although skeptical, I was open-minded and found some things that Todd pointed out as being important enough for me to want to improve for myself so I took the plunge. I brought an immediate business problem to our first call and he helped me navigate right through it. That in itself was worth the price of admission; with no agenda on his part, he helps me with what’s on my mind. He introduced me to the ROI coaching platform and again skeptical, I participated. Each call clarified new points and actions steps from prior calls and left me with additional action items that were relevant and results oriented. As I implemented new steps, my business relationships and results improved noticeably. My skepticism has since waned. Todd has consistently listened and proactively provided me with solutions to everyday hurdles that have been keeping my growth from being all that it could be as an executive. I am only 10 months into a long-term coaching relationship with Todd and I continue to see additional benefit and results. I recommend Todd highly, and encourage you just talk with him. If you’re not a good fit for ROI Coaching, he will be the first to say so but will point you in the right direction.

Sean Covi, Trilogy Financial Services

Over the years I have gotten to know Todd on both professional and personal levels. Without question, he is one of the best in the business in terms of helping others reach new heights. Todd is a great listener, problem-solver and is committed to delivering value to his clients. I would recommend Todd without hesitation to anyone!

Brian Shannon, Helping Hospitals Improve Clinical Outcomes & Operational Efficiencies While Reducing Cost

I had the pleasure of attending a sales coaching session with Todd earlier this month and I am so glad I was able to be a part of his training! I have had numerous sales training sessions over my career and thought Todd was one of the best. Not only was he very personable and nice to work with, but I felt like I walked away with over 20 different ideas to try in my business. Overall, the session was extremely valuable and I would highly recommend his training program for any sales associate.

Bethany Esse, Internal Wholesaler at Allegiance Marketing Group

Todd is an excellent coach. He is relational yet not afraid to ask the tough questions. He is really good at helping you discover your plan, set goals, and at helping you identify both your strengths and weaknesses. Todd always seemed to have the right questions at the right time for my work. Further, he clearly had a genuine interest in me and in my work goals. I highly recommend Todd as a coach.

David Stauffer, Senior Pastor, Faith United Methodist Church

Todd has a knack for really listening and getting to the heart of an issue. He has an empowering way of helping you overcome any professional or personal obstacles in order to stay focused on what matters most. Todd is a real professional at what he does and always puts his client’s best interests first. I’m glad to have benefited from his coaching, highly recommend himand look forward to his help achieving even more.

Ria C., Director of Suitability and Compliance

Todd’s work with our senior leaders and sales teams over the years has made a measurable impact on our company’s revenues. He sees the best in people, brings it out and has a unique ability to translate it into value for our clients. I highly recommend working with Todd to grow your company and sales.

Dan Tucker, Vice President of Life Sales at Partners Avantage Insurance Services

Todd took the time to understand our business model, understand where he could add value, and then made sure to hold all 12 team members accountable to meeting deadlines. He is very thorough, detail oriented, and patient – qualities we needed to not make his consulting disruptive to our ongoing operations. I encourage you to sit down with Todd and determine whether his services could be useful to you.

Gregory M. Cash, Managing Director-Investments

I Highly recommend Todd to any business leader who wants a top coach to take them to the next level.

Daniel Wansten, Owner, Professional Education Services

Todd has been, and I am certain will continue to be, one of the greatest colleagues that I have the pleasure of working with. Not only has Todd exhibited his exceptional coaching abilities with me personally on several occasions, I have had the opportunity to do several joint venture projects together with him as well. I can sincerely say that Todd continually demonstrates the integrity of a true coach. He has incredible intuitive listening skills, possesses a wonderful sense of humor, and shares his remarkable wisdom for strategies to help any business or individual succeed. If you are serious about taking your game to a whole new level of success, look no further, Coach Todd is your man!

Bill Pavelich, President, PerspectivEdge Corporation

First, let me quite directly say Todd needs to be on your top 10 list of people to meet in your lifetime. I suggest writing that down, just as he continually reminded me to commit to paper what I felt was important.

My first coaching session with Todd was unraveling. I use that term very purposely. Todd came highly recommended as a business coach, and I had high expectations that he would challenge me. I did not, however, anticipate spending an hour after our first phone call wondering if there was a resource someone in his field had access to that contained files in me that I had yet to read.

He quite artfully and graciously helped me unravel the loose threads I was tripping over. First he had to help me see them for what they really were. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but he thankfully has the patience of Job. Next, he challenged whether or not they were serving a purpose in my life any longer. Then he offered me the gift of a lifetime….his time and expertise. Questions, resources, and tools were mine for the asking,. Now I even have my own scissors to keep the unraveling to a minimum. Everyone has people who make a profound impact in their professional and personal life. Todd is one of mine. Thank you, Todd

Pam DeBoy,CLU, RHU, REBC, ChHC, CHRS Corporate Insurance Advisors, Inc. – a proud affiliate of the Intrepid Agency system

It’s been a pleasure to work with Todd for several years on several fronts. He has an incredible business mind and is able to organize his thoughts (and the thoughts of others) in a pragmatic way that makes it easy to understand the goals required, the challenges ahead and the path to success.

Ray Gauthier, CEO and Managing Director

A dedicated professional coach with the mind set that if you reach your goals, he does too.

Judy Ancelli, Accountant

I first met Todd at the Firewalking Institute of Reserch and Education where I was training. Later I got the opportunity to take the first level course on the Hartman Mind Scan under his tutelage. The Mind Scan and Todd’s ability to simplify the most complex of theories blew me away. I recommend Todd Mauney as a teacher, trainer, colleague and now friend. University of Power and I are proud to work with Todd, RCI and their product “The Hartman Mind Scan” a very powerful tool that also deserves recommendation.

Pablo Enrique Nunez, Public Speaker, Experiential Trainer & General Dean at University Of Power