The term “coaching” is thrown around a lot today. Many proclaiming to “coach” are really mentoring or training. They tell you what to do and how to do it, their way. Our proprietary coaching process, The Advisor 7 Secrets, is designed to “unlock” all the dimensions of personal and professional success to create a path that’s as unique as you.

Other coaching programs are often approach you from one dimension, with a very narrow focus. These programs are great if you want a “system” within your life and business. Your “world” is much broader than that so RCS works with you in all dimensions of your life. We realize you can’t compartmentalize your work and life so our model is comprehensive. RCS coaching offers a proprietary approach to personal peak performance in life and career.

As our slogan states, “We start at the beginning, with your thinking.” So many other coaching programs, seminars, books and CD’s focus on goal setting and behavioral “tactics.” While fundamentally good, their effectiveness is limited by our thinking. Everything starts with our thoughts, what we say to ourselves determines our choices which determine our results. RCS’s exclusive Mind Scan thinking assessment accelerates the coaching process by 3-6 months compared to other coaching services. This self-awareness empowers our clients to discover what they really want and the compelling “why” behind it. Leveraging the power of our proprietary coaching resources, you and your RCS coach will put together a Score Card to focus your time and energy, track and measure results and manage your thinking to accelerate the process!
You should also know that RCS coaches are an elite group of accomplished, highly skilled and trained professional coaches. In addition to their independent coach training and certifications, RCS coaches are also certified by RCS in the use of our proprietary Mind Scan thinking assessment and RCS coaching process.