Short-Range Solutions

(typically 90 day engagements)

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

Get ahead, achieve a breakthrough in your business. These coaching solutions target specific areas of short term opportunity to make a personal and/or business impact. We define the objective and get it done!

Often times we’re hired to “fill the gaps”, “accelerate the process” or get a “shot in the arm.” These services fulfill a critical role in bringing some outside objective insights into your world whether through target coaching, team facilitation, training or speaking. “Break-Out” services are meant to interrupt patterns, create clarity and inspire new behaviors. It is often through these services we are able to show value in an on-going relationship to sustain the momentum and implement lasting improvements.

Can we help?

We’d love to hear about your business and situation.  It would be our pleasure to send a reply and schedule some time to talk should you desire.  We are here to help you succeed!


Target Coaching

If you need to get through, up, over or around a challenge, we’ll empower you to do it. Target coaching is about solving and working through immediate and urgent issues. Accelerate the results you need with a confidant, co-strategizer and sometimes project co-lead.

Sample of ROI Target Coaching tracks:

Creating a working business plan

Creating a compelling vision and mission

Creating a compelling brand

Creating a team performance boost

Creating a client affinity process

Creating a presentation or keynote

Creating a lead generation strategy

Breakthrough Facilitation

The T.E.A.M. acronym (Together Everyone Achieves More) is made even more true when you have a trained and skilled facilitator bringing the right combination of people skills, process and creativity to a group of successful leaders. Many of the same topics covered in Target Coaching tracks can be delivered through a facilitated model. Breakthrough Facilitation can be a powerful way to “kick-off” a target coaching or longer range coaching solution!

The objective of these solutions is typically to interrupt old patterns, invite new thinking, create renewed momentum and discover how to ‘break out’ of where you are to achieve more.  Topics covered in Target Coaching may also be delivered through or complimented with facilitated services.  Additional topics of interest include:

Create an implementable business plan

Remove performance barriers

Align leadership and team

Break through group problem solving

Target Training

It’s not enough to just plan, delegate and hold people accountable, we all need to be developed to reach our potential. Knowledge is often a key to breaking through barriers of success.

Ongoing learning and development are integrated within the coaching process.  However, often times we need more focused and intensive training to accelerate results.  We offer a full suite of target training solutions that will empower you and your team to achieve what you otherwise couldn’t without some new skills and competencies. 

In addition to a full suite of training topics, we also offer proprietary trainings on the following topics:

Maximizing your existing client potential

Duplicating your best client relationships

Scaling your business for growth

Client segmentation strategies

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Your best clients are the key to profitability. When we become students of our best potential clients, we become more effective at everything else, including finding more of them.

Starting with a clear ideal client, we create more efficient sales processes, operational efficiencies to create raving fans and a natural marketing engine producing new ideal prospective clients every week.

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